Colloque : « IV International conference on teaching grammar »

Colloque : « IV International conference on teaching grammar »


IV International conference on teaching grammar

25 au 27 janvier 2023

 Valence (Espagne)


Présentation :

The challenges of multilingual education demanded by today’s society are to respond to the need of citizens to use languages ​​(native and foreign) for progressively complex uses, which involve the development of thought, mastery of various language procedures. and the acquisition of the skills and strategies needed to develop multilingual competence. To respond to this social need, a reflective use of languages ​​must be promoted, which requires grammatical knowledge that can be used consciously and autonomously by students and methodological procedures that allow teachers to address this knowledge in the classroom. the classroom. This is the challenge that we intend to address in this congress in a main, but not exclusive way: to discuss the teaching of grammar from an interlinguistic perspective from different perspectives: teachers, students, contents, legal provisions, didactic methodology, curriculum and family languages, teaching materials, among others. Also, as in previous editions, the Congress will host work on teaching grammar around these same foci, in first, second and foreign languages, both from a synchronous and diachronic perspective.


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